What is in the name “Orpheum” ?

Orpheum is a reference to the ‘House of Orpheus’. Orpheus was the greatest of the ancient musicians and poets in classical Greek mythology. Considered also a prophet and oracle, with his legendary golden lyre he was able to charm all living things and even stones to dance to his music. Perhaps he is most well known for his heroic attempt to rescue his beloved wife Eurydice from the underworld after her death. His heartfelt song softened even the heart of Hades, though tragically at the very last moment his quest did not succeed. As an archetype of the inspired singer and poet, Orpheus is a significant and romantic figure in modern culture. He represents to us the higher spheres of music and literature. The ecstatic possibilities of a life filled with the qualities of good books and sublime music. We feel if he were around today, Orpheus would also enjoy exceptional films. His favourite movie might well be Amelie!

Orpheus taming the animalsJean-Baptiste-Camille_Corot_-_Orphée_(modification)


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